2 shooters: $300

3 shooters: $350

4 shooters $400


2 shooters $350

3 shooters $450

4 shooters $550


 $150 person with 4 person max

There will be a 4 person maxium. If needed more room with another boat can be supplied for additional cost.  Kids 13 and under are free with paid adult. Your trip will start approximately 1 hour before dark. We will meet you at the boat ramp with the boat fueled and ready to go. All customers must sign a liability waiver agreement form before you start your trip. A regular Oklahoma fishing license is required to bowfish. Most licenses can be purchased online or at your local Oklahoma Wal-Mart. To purchase‚Äč a non resident Oklahoma license visit: 

We normally arrive at the starting point 30 minutes before dark. We will then go through our quick safety discussion.

After the safety discussion, if necessary we will demonstrate how to use the bowfishing equipment, give specific details on how to aim and let you sling a few arrows in order to get a feel for the equipment. After that we start bowfishing! We have different bows at different draw weights  so that women and children can enjoy a night on the water. The average weight that we shoot is approximately 30 lbs. For the kids we will decrease the weight of the bow down to around 18 lbs. Most women that go out with us tend to shoot around 25-30lbs of draw weight.

Trips are 4 hours or until you get tired which is what usually happens first. Feel free to let us know when you get tired and have had enough.