About Us: Muddy Arrow Bowfishing caters to everyone from the novice bowfisher to the professional. Our knowledge of local waters helps us in providing fun filled trips with lots of fish. We pride ourselves in offering fun, exciting, competitive, friendly, and safe environment for everyone! Not only do we offer day and night bowfishing trips, but also spoonbill fishing trips as well. We have a no trophy and no money down policy for bowfishing trips. All supplies are provided including bows and snacks. (Trips are subject to water levels and time slot availability). With multiple boats and guides there's no trips too small or too big! We have multiple boats to choose from. From airboats to kicker boats or troller boats! 


Safety is the number 1 priority. If I feel that the weather conditions are too severe, I will postpone the trip. You will have the choice to reschedule or have your deposit refunded if you have made one. In the event that I feel the weather may cause a night to be less productive or shortened due to severe rain, wind or stained water; I will let you know up front and give you the opportunity to make the decision as to whether or not you want to chance going out and possibly having an unproductive night or having to come back in early. If your decision is to go ahead with the charter after I have given you the option and if we put the boat in the water and then the weather becomes a safety factor causing us to come back to the dock, this will be considered a full charter regardless of how long we have been out. However, if I feel that safety is an issue before we launch the boat then I will make the decision for you. We have had to cancel trips in advance due to inclement weather. Feel free to contact me with any questions on this matter.


If you are using one of the Muddy Arrow Bowfishing bows and you drop your bow in the water, and if the bow is not retrievable due to the depth then you will be required to pay for the cost of that bow. This would likely only happen going from one spot to another since bowfishing is done in shallow water.

If we abruptly stop due to a sandbar or something similar and this causes you to drop the bow then you will not be held responsible. Occasionally losing an arrow during a bowfishing trip is something that cannot be prevented. You are not held responsible for any arrows that are lost during your hunt. A rigged arrow can cost as much as $20+. If a line is broken we will always attempt to retrieve the arrow.